Looking Out for Our Own
What goes through the mind of every team president when his/her team wins a regional title is: "We just won the regional championship and earned a trip to the National Championship game in Florida! Now how do I pay for it!" It costs teams approximately $800 per child to send a football team to the National Championship Tournament, and approximately $500 per child for the cheerleaders. Historically, leagues have looked to the NFL or other outside sources to help make the trip financially possible. However, in 2011 the team presidents of ESYFC decided to band together and create their own travel fund to support ESYFC teams that earned a trip to the National Tournament. For 2011, ESYFC provided checks totaling $4,250 to the Jets ($3,500 for 3 football teams and 2 cheer squads) and Bearcats ($750 for 1 cheer/step team).  The funds helped ease the financial burden and insured that each child who earned their way to Florida would be able to make the trip! This is what ESYFC is about!